Cleaning Devices

Joint-Stock Company “Ayk Avia" as is engaged in sale of cleaning devices for water which can be used not only for house use, but also for offices, the enterprises etc.

To save on health - it is impossible, it know all!

АWe help you to receive real economy and to provide the family with pure potable water it is possible!

The condition of our health in many respects depends on quality of potable water. Harmful impurity and bacteria in tap water constantly reduce immunity and provoke formation of various diseases. It is essential to improve tap water structure, having removed from it harmful components, it is possible by means of cleaning installations – filters for water.

Filters and cleaning membranes are made on the basis of the return-osmosis. It is the best cleaner of water and has received the first place from consumers. Filters will relieve you of problems with water.

The return-osmosis divides water at molecular level. Water passes through some cleaning membranes, on one party there is ideally pure water. And on another there are harmful connections. This method provides high degree of water treating, thanks to unique membranes. Traditional methods of a filtration lose in comparison with that water which turns out after its clearing by the osmosis.

Dirty water arrives in the first compartment of the filters there it is cleared of mechanical connections. Imagine the city systems cannot clear water of sand at all and rusts what it is possible to speak about harmful iron and other heavy metals?! Further water gets to the coal filters here the membrane protects water from connections of harmful chlorine. If the filter with osmosis six-step further goes clarification of water from iron. Dirty impurity merge in a special compartment which needs to be cleaned in due time, already after a week of water treating you are convinced from troubles you of have relieved, having connected houses system of a filtration of water.

Filters and cleaning membranes are created to protect you from harmful influence of the polluted water.

Potable water at office is necessary for us not less, than at home. On the average on one employee in day drinks about litre of water, therefore to order bottled water is not an exit, especially if at you the big firm. Not only that you cannot be confident quality of water delivered to you so also receive an array of problems (the constant order of water, timeliness of delivery, heavy 20-kilogramme large bottles, the place for warehousing of empty and full large bottles) is necessary.

Convenient variant - to establish at office system of water preparation and to relieve itself at once of all these economic efforts.

The main advantages of these systems of clearing and filters to water are their reliable operation and reasonable prices.

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